It started with a bike

BAP Finance began as Bicycles Against Poverty, a lease-to-own bicycle company in Northern Uganda. Bicycles Against Poverty was Founded by Muyambi Muyambi in 2009 and turned into BAP Finance in 2018.

Muyambi grew up in Kiyaga, Uganda. When he was seven he remembers waking up on the back of a bicycle having fallen ill to malaria.  The trek to the nearest hospital, was over ten miles, which could take hours by foot, a risky amount of time when diseases like malaria hit. Muyambi was fortunate that one of his neighbors had a bicycle. From this experience Muyambi began to see bicycles as more than a mode of transportation but in them he saw freedom, empowerment, and opportunity.

Muyambi met Molly Burke, BAP Finance CEO, in 2009 where they began to work together to develop Bicycles Against Poverty. BAP's mission was to distribute bicycles to rural African communities to improve standard of living. On a lease-to-own basis, BAP provided bicycles to those in need to help them access markets, clean water, healthcare, and schools.


it was bigger than just bikes

The BAP model for financing bicycles was so successful that we realized it could be applied to other products that work to increase income for farmers, making way for BAP Finance to be born in 2018. With an expanded product line and a larger reach across Northern Uganda, BAP Finance is working to increase income for farmers.  


looking into the Future

BAP Finance envisions a world where no farmer lives in poverty. We are rapidly growing our team, expanding our product offering, and extending our reach across Northern Uganda. It is our goal to reach 1 million smallholder farmers by 2033!


Our history has shaped and developed us into the business we are today.