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Participant Stories





“My bike is my life.”

— Kidega Patrick

Like most BAP Finance participants, Kidega is a farmer. He harvests a variety of crops—corn, beans, and vegetables— as well as livestock. Kidega uses his bicycle to take his sick and aging mother to the hospital 1-2 times per week. His mother is plagued with two persisting health issues. The first is an illness with her heart. The second is from an accident over twenty years ago that damaged her shoulder, neck, and leg. When one of these issues comes up, typically 1-2 times per week, Kidega takes her to the hospital. Given his mothers weak state and bad leg she is not able to walk to the hospital and therefore Kidega’s bicycle is making all the difference for the family. Kidega once told a BAP staff member, “This bicycle is my life.” 




“My bike has enabled me to double my sales!”

-Ajok Filder

Filder brews alcohol in Awach, a village surrounding Gulu town in Northern Uganda. She uses her BAP bike to transport her brew from the village to Gulu where she can sell at a much higher price. Filder is an ambassador for BAP in her village. She is eager to spread the word to her neighbors of how BAP’s bicycle loans can help equip her neighbors to increase their income.






“The money I save on transportation pays for my son's medicine.”


Jennifer took on a bike loan from BAP because of her son’s health. Her son, Ogoo Benedict, suffers from recurring pneumonia, requiring frequent check ups to the nearest hospital over seven miles away. In order to receive the medicine for her son, Jennifer uses the bike to travel to the hospital--around three times in one month. The money Jennifer saves on transport can pay for the medicine for her son, helping her to save money and keep her son healthy.